Saturday, June 27, 2009


It is 2:56 AM right now & one of my very close friends is on his way to Afghanistan. He's a 19 year old, fearless, anxious soldier on his way to war. One of many. I know he's ready & I have so much respect for him. He's always been such a great friend. I recently saw him again for the first time in 4 years. Now it will be another year before I see him. Hopefully i'll get a letter from him in the next few months. In in the mean time, he's in my prayers as are all the brave men & women in the Military <3

Ever since I graduated, i've been trying to live every day to the fullest. The past few weeks have been filled with crazy adventures. I've done things I never thought i'd do (*cough* skinny dipping among them *cough*) & made many memories i'll always look back on & smile upon. But it hasn't been all fun & games. Every single time you think life is going good, something else is thrown your way. Another obstacle you have to over come.

Six months ago I fell in love with a Marine. He was everything i'd ever wanted & everything I thought i'd ever need. I spent an amazing weekend with him in February & afterwards he started training & preparing to deploy in March. Things started to go downhill shortly after. I never imagined it would have been anything like what it was and I was upset that he'd been keeping this from me for so long... but i'm going to be there for him & help him any way that I can. When he didn't get to deploy, he became depressed. It's hard because no one wants to see any one they care about struggling with any thing like this......I'm really not sure if we'll be together again, it's complicated. Love really is blind.

I'm going to bed.

God bless the troops <3

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  1. Praying for Austin, and Cale too; I know he needs it, beautiful. ILY and miss you sooo very much :)