Monday, February 9, 2009

Marine Girlfriend

Everyone hears of the Marine Wife,Her trials, sacrifices, and devoted life.She is strong, she is brave, and she is loving indeed,Standing by her man in his time of need.

But what of others in a similar situation,Who have made being an Marine girlfriend their main occupation. They suffer many of the same trials and many of the same fears.Without the security of future years.

Will there be peace or will there be war?You try to be hopeful but it's hard to ignore.The world seems to be falling apartWhen to a Marine you have given your heart.

Your love runs too deep to escape from it now.You hope to be together somewhere, somehow,When his duty is over and your life can begin.You wonder if it will happen but don't question when.

The many heartbreaks and times you did weepWhen he made promises the USMC couldn't keep.But you have learned so much together and come so far.Others warned you not to fall in love but you already are.

His job is ever-changing and takes him far away.You think of him always and pray every day--For his safety, his courage, and his love for youThat he may remain steadfast, loyal, and ever true.

Nothing is sure and nothing is set in stone...Except that he will leave again and you will be alone,Holding tightly to your dreams of a future togetherWhen you will at last be able to say the word "forever."

A few years? That doesn't sound like so long.The letters and phone calls keep your love going strong,Even when they are few and far between,In them, his love for you can clearly be seen.

So keep your chin up and a smile on your face.He is protecting your freedom and keeping you safe.His heart is strong and his love is trueAnd don't ever forget that he is missing you too.


  1. April, I LOVE this poem! And it couldn't be more perfect<3 ILY

  2. Great poem! Something I should read more often.

    Hope you are doing well. I am also a marine girlfriend. Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!