Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So the dates got moved up and my Marine is now leaving for Afghanistan at the end of the month. I didn't expect it to happen so soon or for it to be this hard. He's so busy training that we haven't gotten much time to talk lately. At this point in time he doesn't know if he'll get to come home or even if they will allow his family and I to be there the day that he leaves. He will be gone for 6-7 months and knowing that I may not get to spend any time with him before he leaves is killing me. I'm trying so hard to be strong for him but there are still nights that I find myself in bed crying, missing him so much. I know it's going to be so hard....like he said tonight...if we can make it through this then we will survive a marriage, no problem at all. I asked him tonight if he thinks we will get engaged as soon as he gets back..his response.. "I know we will."

So I have so much to look forward too...when he comes home we will get engaged and we can finally be together, no barriers in the way of our relationship. We can start a beautiful life together as soon he returns from Afghanistan. It would be different if he were going to Iraq, but he's going to Afghanistan, a hot spot. I'm so scared...but I'm not complaining in any way, I understood perfectly well what I was getting into before we even got together. I'm a Marine girlfriend and a lot of hardships and sacrifice come with that title. But i'm proud of my Marine. He is serving his country and protecting our freedom. He is my hero, my love, my soulmate, my future, my everything. I'm starting college as soon as possible and plan on getting a better job to occupy my time and hopefully the months will full by. I also found an amazing support website that has alot of women who have been or are going through the same situation.

It's hard when none of your family or your friends can not fully understand what you are going through and how much it hurts because they have never been in this situation before. It doesn't help matters that I have to constantly put up with the "you're too young to be serious" "you never marry your first love" "you will regret not living your life first" comments..... But we are going to get through this, I know we will. I will be praying for him and his safe return, along with all the other troops and their families.

God Bless the Troops. <3

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  1. Ya'll will make it, I just know it. You're never too young if you're in love. I'm so happy for you, beautiful. And you'll make it through. I love you soo much<3