Monday, May 4, 2009

Kidney stones & Smallpox

It's been quite awhile since i've posted. I was out of school for spring break & went to spend some time with some family. Other than that, i've been reading alot lately. I started the Left Behind series and they are AMAZING books. If you haven't read them, i'd strongly suggest them. I started on the 6th book in the series today after school and just finished it in a single setting, 412 pages!

I want to thank all people who have been praying for Cale & I and our relationship. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and I feel in my heart that things are going to get better. Graduation is right around the corner, with only three weeks of school left. As it turns out, Cale is NOT deploying after all.

When he first told me he wasn't deploying, he mentioned it was because the lists were being switched around left and right. I recently told him that I didn't feel like we were in a relationship at all, there has been close to no communication or effort on his part. Things have been rocky. I didn't hear from him all week until he called me saturday night. He is in pretty bad shape right now.

Friday he was in so much pain that he went to the hospital and turns out he had his first ever kidney stone. He was able to pass it with little pain due to the medicine they gave him. On top of that, a few weeks ago, the men getting deployed all got a Smallpox vaccine. Well...his skin broke open and he's had a really bad reaction to it. Turns out he's not getting deployed because he has a cyst he has to have removed and his surgery was scheduled for after the deployment, the 15th of this month. He's in pretty bad shape and to top all of that, he had 24 hour duty yesterday. I feel horrible but he agreed he should have kept me more informed.

We talked about our relationship & I told him that things have really got to change. We both agreed that our relationship is in shambles right now but we really want to work together and rebuild it. Not that he's not deploying, he has ALOT of time to talk now & no excuses so we will see if he really steps up to his words & promises. His surgery is on the 15th and after that he should be home on medical leave for a week or two. I can't deny that i'll be so happy to see him and finally be in his arms again, after almost 13 weeks. While i'm not happy that he's having surgery, we both feel like him missing this deployment will be good for us because we can really work on our relationship.

I believe this may be a blessing for our relationship and an answer to my prayers.. With him not deploying anymore and me graduation this month, things will change considerably. We will be able to see each other more often. If you could just please keep him in your prayers & his health. It would be appreciated.

Semper Fi!

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  1. I'll be praying for him beautiful. And you meant it when you said it was ALOT! hah! And I'm so sorry to hear about his troubles! Seems like everything hit him at the same time, WOW! I hope his surgery goes well, and I hope I get to see you soon. ILY beautiful.