Friday, May 15, 2009


"Life is an instrument for a song, like the sun for tomorrow's dawn, every moment of time's just an answer to find what you're here for, what you breathe for, what you wake for, what you bleed for."

With only four or five more days of school left, this is it. The beginning of the rest of my life. I have no sure game plan, only a rough outline with all my goals & dreams. Yesterday, a good friend of mine asked me how I was so motivated, how i've always made good grades & always found time to do my homework after a looong day. I said, it's simple...I want to be successful & make something of my self, go places and accomplish great things in life. I was then asked my definition of successful. My goal in life is to have a good career that i'm passionate about and most importantly, enjoy.

Two of my three brothers never made it out of middle school. They dropped out before 8th grade, got involved with the wrong crowd, started doing drugs. I've watched drugs destroy my brother & sister in law's life. My oldest brother has come to be addicted to pain pills. My father was an acholic and he passed away with a heart attack in his early forties when I was six years old. The youngest of my three brothers graduated high school but he's not going to college or choosing to better himself. He's now working with my oldest brother. My three brothers haven't done anything with their lifes. I'm determined too. I'm going to be the first person in my family to go to college and do great things with my life. I love my brothers, they have been my influence to succeed in life, choose my friends wisely, and stay away from drugs, alcohol, and partying. I'd be lost without them.

All I can do at this point in time is pray that i'll be able to listen with an open heart & mind, understand, & make wise choices regarding my future has God reveals his plan for my life. <3

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
Thought i'd sure these pictures of my baby, Rascal. He's a free spirit & will be two years old this month. :)

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  1. AW April, those pictures are so sweet! And you know how they always say a dog comes to resemble its Master? Rascal has a slender face and deep eyes, just like you do, OHMIGAH! hah! I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings...I didn't mean it in THAT way of course.... ;-)

    And seriously, this was my favorite post of yours. You're always so insightful and wise and what a true blessing you are, no matter whom you come in contact with! You're amazing. Don't ever EVER change...or I'll kill you! lol Just kidding. ILY beautiful♥