Friday, March 27, 2009


So i'm going to start working on a reading list, any books you would recommend? :)

Here are a few of my absolute favorites that I would recommend if you haven't read them

  • The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice ( Actually, ANY of her books are amazing. She is an EXCELLANT writer)
  • Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden ( One of my absolute favorite books and movies!)
  • The Other Boeleyn Girl- Phillippa Gregory
  • The Fly Boys- James Bradly ( Excellant book, true account of events, NOT for the squemish, get's pretty detailed and gruesome.)
  • Night- Elie Wiesel ( His powerful tale of living through the Holocaust)

I think i'm about to start working on a scrap book. :) I have one, I just have never started it yet. I think it will be a fun way to occupy some of my spare time. I love geting artsy and crafty :D


  1. Oh man! I'd love to see your scrapbook after you've done some pages in it. And I think that's a GREAT idea =)

  2. I'd love to see the scrapbook too when have some pages in it!

    I think I'm going to start with Night by Elie Wiesel.

    Here are a few of my favorites:

    Firefly Lane - Kristin Hannah
    A really story about 2 friends, and their life long friendship.

    Where the Heart Is - Billie Letts
    I read this long before the movie came out. The author came into the radio station where I worked, and gave me a copy. I read it in one sitting. It's far better than the movie, and is still one book I reread at least once every year or so.

    The God of Animals - Aryn Kyle
    I love this book. I love Aryn Kyle's writing style. She just flows. A bonus for me is that the family in the book is involved in horses. Just a great read.

    LOVE the new pic! You are adorable! Have a great weekend.