Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update :)

I got the best news ever while I was at work last night. My phone started going off when I was ringing up a customer so I hit ignore. When I saw that it was my Marine I ran over to the counter where the manager couldn't see ;) and called him back. I could only talk a few minutes but he said he had GOOD news!

He's more than likely, hopefully coming home next week! YAY! I pray that nothing comes up before then and he really gets to come home. I already asked off work for next thursday-sunday. He said he will probably get home some time thrusday. But then saturday he has to go upstate ( haven't asked him why yet) and he doesn't know after that :( So I suppose i'll have thursday, friday, and possibly saturday morning to see him. It may only be a day or two but it doesn't matter because one day with him can last me forever.

But whenever he comes down something always, always comes up and nothing ever goes as planned :( Last time he came down for a weekend he promised that we would have a WHOLE day to ourselves because I had been super stressed lately..the day comes around and I wait and wait and wait...and he ends up having to help his parents out ALLDAY and then his bestfriend drops by and he said it would be better if i came over the next day but I had school! I ended up getting there late that night and had to leave the next morning so we had very little time together.

That makes me so angry when that happens....I understand that he has to make time for his friends and family and myself in the short time he gets but I can't help wanting to spend as much time as possible with him! I hope it's not like that this time. It may be the last time I see him before he deploys. But i'll guess i'll have to settle for one night with him. I never once have cried when I have to tell him goodbye but no guarantees that I won't this time.

I've been a mess lately... I'm pretty sure this birth control i'm on is seriously f***** with my hormones and messing me up. I'm going to the doctor next month to change or get off of it one. But they said it would take 3 months to get adjusted and i'm on the 3rd month and nothing has changed. Plus it was supposed to help my acne...no signs of improving....I've been REALLY depressed and hate feeling like this and have no idea why! I feel like crap all the time now and have these horrible mood swings. I've already lost a friend because of it :\ There's no other explanation! It has to be this damn BC!

On a lighter note, got my t-shirt in the mail today and i'm also making some more in art. I can't focus in school now, my mind is pre-occupied with daydreaming of Cale finally coming home. Can't wait. Guess God heard my prayers :)

Semper Fi!

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  1. He heard my prayers too, hopefully! I'm still praying that everything goes smoothly for you two also =) when he gets to come home =) I'm so excited for you beautiful! YAY! And I'm glad your shirt finally got here too, WOO HOO! Oh, and one more thing, beautiful.......what you talkin' bout won't need no birth control for seven months?!!! You better not be talking about what I THINK you talkin' about!!!! LOL You know I'm kidding!!! LY<3