Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keep the comments to yourself.

I've gotta admit... it's pretty hurtful when the person whose opinion matters the most to you can't be supportive of your relationship. My father had a heart attack when I was six so my mom has been like a mother and a father to me. She is a beautiful, strong lady and she raised me right but I just don't understand why she can't just be happy for me.

My patience has finally paid off and God has sent me an amazing, handsome, strong, loving Marine who treats me with so much respect and shows me so much love. They say that God only pairs the strongest women with men in the Military and I believe that's true. I know in my heart that he has a plan for us... and yet when I try to explain this to my mother... she has the nerve to laugh in my face!!!

I finally broke down tonight, but boy does it feel good to just let it out and cry your eyes out. I am so very sick of hearing all the comments...they never stop! Yes , i'm 17 and have my whole life ahead of me but i'm a strong, beautiful, responsible , mature woman and I can make my own choices in life.. Yet I have to be constantly be put down and told that i'm to young to know whats right for me and that i'm too young to be in love and that Cale and I don't know each other well enough to be in a serious relationship...that it's not meant to be... that it will never work... that you never marry your first love. Every one I speak to tells me these things but it hurts the most coming from my mother. She even had the nerve once to imply that she thinks he is quote unquote... ruining my life! How dare she say something like that?!? If she only knew how hard it is already....

Yes, he is my first real boyfriend and my first real relationship and yes i've only dated one other guy but turned down countless others..... it's almost as if i've been waiting for him all along and I don't care to know what it's like to be with other men. He's everything i could ever ask for.... bu t that gives NOONE the right to sit there and tell me that's it's just not meant to be, that it isn't right. They act like they are God!!! Only God knows what's meant to be and the future of your life. Only God knows if you will marry your first love, no one else.

Every thing happens for a reason and i've been through many things in my life that have shaped me into the strong young lady that I am today and there is a purpose behind everything. Maybe just maybe God was turing me into a strong lady so it could prepare me to be with a man in the military, with Cale. Because it's very hard and trying and it takes a damn strong woman.

So please keep your comments to yourself. I will NOT sit here and take this anymore, from anyone.

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  1. April, you do not know how proud this entry made me feel! Every single word of each of those paragraphs is 100% the truth. You are one of the most intelligent, wise, caring, and strong individuals that God has given me the pleasure of having in my life. You meanSO much to me and I'm SO sorry that you have to hear these comments from people. You deserve better...and I truly believe in my heart that you and Cale are meant to be. It truly takes a strong woman to be in a relationship like the one you're in...I know I couldn't do it for sure! So keep your chin up, beautiful. It's just like you said...God knows what's truly in both yours and Cale's hearts, and He knows what's REALLY going to happen between the 2 of you. That's all that truly matters. ILY